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Orthodontitis and orthodontosis: I got a letter published in the British Dental Journal!

Orthodontitis and orthodontosis: I got a letter published in the British Dental Journal!

A letter in the British Dental Journal

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote a blog posting on a recent letter in the British Dental Journal on orthodontitis and orthodontosis.  I also wrote a letter to the BDJ and they have published it. Here is the text and the link.

24 Months Smiles brackets

“Orthodontics and 24 month braces”

I was very interested to see the letter by Dr Pagonis on “Orthodontosis and Orthodontitis”   in the recent edition of the journal.   I would like to share information on another dental treatment; this is called orthodontics. This is the correction of problems caused by teeth which are irregular or out of position. This is called “malocclusion” and can be corrected by “orthodontics”.

This is a treatment in which sophisticated attachments are glued to the teeth with special adhesive. Then space age wires are attached to the brackets using special elastics. This puts a force on the teeth and they move. Unfortunately, the teeth do not recognise the type of brace or wire that is being used and they always move at the same rate regardless of the appliance.

Most courses of orthodontic treatment take 24 months, although sometimes this can be longer or shorter depending upon the goals of treatment and wishes of the patient.

I hope that the readers of the journal are interested in this concept and consider it for their patients.

Kevin O’Brien, University of Manchester, UK

I am on the way to the AAO meeting in San Francisco to speak at a point and counterpoint session on early treatment for class II treatment, jointly with Jonathan Sandler, so I have had to keep this blog short.  I will be writing a report on our presentation and discussion when I get back.

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  1. Kevin, You are doing awesome work for the profession.
    Keep up the good work. My friend and colleague, Vince Kokich, Sr, may he rest in peace, would be proud of you.

    Hope to meet you someday

  2. Robin Reid says:

    Looking forward to the feedback on your presentation and especially the discussion on early treatment.

  3. PRAMOD PHILIP says:

    Excellent comment professor, I wonder whether someone would be interested in defining dentition, tooth movement, tooth inclinations so on and so forth in their own unique way. As long as we do not have something interesting coming up, these definitions keep us occupied. See, even you could sit and frame a ‘thought provoking’ blog.
    And thanks for the reminder of your session at AAO, I would love to attend that and take home something as I am still mystified regarding the long term results of functional appliances

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