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About this orthodontic blog

About this Orthodontic Blog?


I started the Blog in early September 2013. It has been very popular with over 1.6 million hits since then. The most popular post has been the light-hearted discussion of “24-month braces”, but others have also proved to be popular such as “New evidence on the treatment of canine impaction”  and Let’s talk about Acceledent“.  This amount of interest has convinced me to attempt to make this a source of information and discussion that is relevant to orthodontic trainees, specialist orthodontists and anyone with interest in orthodontics. My blog is becoming quite extensive, and I suggest if you want to look up a particular subject just click on the relevant search word in the search boxes.

Interesting details

We have also started translating my posts into other languages.  There are currently posts in Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (via WeChat) and Arabic. Other languages will follow soon.

If you like this blog, you can subscribe by completing your details on the short form in the right column of this page or the pop up that will only appear once, and you will receive an email whenever it is updated. I promise that I shall not pass your email address to anyone else!

All costs of this website are met by me and donations, and I have no conflicts of interest. Some posts are written by guests, and if they have any conflicts of interest, they will be declared.

My blog/website does not host any form of advertisement apart from an annual course. The fees from this course support the blog,

The information on Kevin O’Brien’s Orthodontic Blog is designed to help, not to replace, the relationship that exists between and patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Something about me

I am Professor of orthodontics at the University of Manchester, UK. I have been working as a clinical orthodontist and researcher for about 30 years. My research has been directed at the outcome of orthodontic treatment using randomised trial methodology and has been included in several systematic reviews.  I have also been teaching postgraduate students both in the UK and the USA. I have given many keynotes lectures at international conferences, and I was scientific Chair of the World Federation of Orthodontists Conference in London, the UK in 2015. Finally, I have been awarded the Northcroft Memorial and Ballard Lectures of the British Orthodontic Society, the Dewel and Turpin awards and the Louise Ada Jarabak Memorial International Teachers and Research Award by the American Association of Orthodontists.

In addition to being an orthodontist, I have been heavily involved in leadership.  I have been the Dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of Manchester, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester and the Chair of the UK General Dental Council. I am currently the Director of the Manchester Clinical Trials Unit.

These may be useful links:

My email contact: [email protected]

My Facebook page:

Evidenced-based orthodontics Facebook page

My publications in Google Scholar

My profile in Research Gate

Personal university website

Our great team of translators

I have a great group of translators who are working me and providing translations of the posts into several languages. They do this voluntarily, and I am really grateful to them for doing this work.  Here is some information on the translation team:

Klaus Barretto Lopes

Klaus Barretto Lopes is an orthodontist based in Rio de Janeiro. He qualified in 1997 and worked for two years in general dental practice in Copacabana and Ipanema. He then went to São Paulo and trained as an Orthodontist completing their training programme in 2001. Following this, from 2003 until 2010, he went to the University of São Paulo (USP) and carried out a Master and a PhD research programme into an innovative orthopaedic appliance with skeletal anchorage. He then returned to Rio de Janeiro and started  Post-doc research in August 2012 at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) to continue his research in Orthopedic appliances with skeletal anchorage.  He was made Instructor in Orthodontics at Rio de Janeiro State University in August 2013. From 2015 till 2016 he was the scientific director of the Brazilian Orthodontic Society (SBO). Since September 2016, he is a visiting lecturer at The University of Manchester where he is working in RCTs and systematic reviews. In January 2017 he started an MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Manchester.


These are done by Sergio Valverde and Juan Roberto Lopez

Samer Mheissen

Samer is an orthodontist from Damascus, Syria. He completed his specialist training at Damascus in 2011 and currently works in specialist practice. He has an interest in systematic reviews and meta-analysis.








Russian. Alex Ditmarov

Alex is a specialist orthodontist who works in Moscow. He is also on a PhD programme in Moscow.  Alex qualified as an orthodontist in 2014.  He is well known in social media for his video blog, The Crooked Path. Have a look at this, it is fascinating.

Roberto Stradi



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