Balance the Dental Boards

About Us

We run a campaign to address the imbalances on the UK Dental Boards. Our new research has shown that only 3 out of 26 boards we surveyed hade a gender balance. This is simply wrong and needs correcting.

On this site, we will publicise our efforts, hold discussions, post relevant documents and update our progress.

We are: Kevin O’Brien, Sarah Baker, Claire Stevens, Lorna McCaul and Mohsan Ahmad and Lauren Harrhy.

Contact us: [email protected]

Research and relevant useful reports

Research report: There is an Imbalance on the UK Dental Boards


We have completed a short exploratory project on the gender balance of the UK Dental Boards.The UK has at least 23 boards of dental organisations. The gender mix of dentists is 50:50. Yet only 3 boards have a balanced gender mix. Here is our report: Imbalance on the UK Dental Boards


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