A massive end of year and Christmas orthodontic blog!

A massive end of year and Christmas orthodontic blog from Manchester, North of England….

At the end of each year I reflect on this orthodontic blog and publish a Christmas orthodontic blog that reflects on the previous year.  I evaluate the activity using various analytics programmes.  I am pleased to find that this year the blog was read 185,000 times and the average number of hits per day was 780.  At the start of the year I set myself a target of the blog being read 120,000 times and so I am very pleased with these figures. Nevertheless, I am a little disappointed that I did not hit 200,000 hits.  The main reasons for this are that I took a break driving down Highway 1 in California after the AAO congress in San Francisco.

Highway 1 at Big Sur, California

Highway 1 at Big Sur, California









Herniated cervical disc at C6/7 (arrowed) in 58 year old orthodontic Professor

I also  had cervical spine surgery in October which put me off work for 8 weeks.  I guess that these were two contrasting experiences!  Anyway I am aware that I am beginning to bore my colleagues and friends with my stories of my recovery from an operation to remove a cervical disc at C6/7 with fusion of two vertebrae via an incision at the front of my neck, done by a top neurosurgeon who looked about 12 years old…so on with the blog. Continue reading

Two years of the blog: 24 month braces!

Two Years of the Blog: 24 month braces!

I am now recovering from my cervical spine surgery and I have set up some automatic posts. As a result, I am continuing with the theme of revisiting posts and today I am going back to this light hearted look at recent developments in orthodontics.  This post was published almost 18 months ago and has been read almost 9,000 times. If you have read it before and think that it is interesting, can you pass it on?

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