On-line lectures

This section contains videos of my lectures and seminars.  I will build this over a period of months. So, keep checking back here.  The lectures are all on YouTube, and you may find it more convenient to log into my YouTube channel.

Salzmann Lecture 2020

I gave a virtual presentation of the Salzmann lecture to the AAO congress. I have divided this presentation into three parts.

Part 1: Evidence-based orthodontics and core outcomes

In this part of the lecture, I outline how we can practice evidence-based orthodontics and highlight some deficiencies in research. Finally, I Introduce the concept of core outcome measures and how they may change our research findings.

Part 2: The Orthodontic Fringe.


In this second part, I discussed the influence of snake oil, Key Opinion Leaders and social media in undermining research findings about orthodontic treatment.

Part 3: Solutions?


In the final part of the Salzmann lecture, I discuss the potential solutions to the problems of misinformation about orthodontic treatment.

In the land of no evidence, is the salesperson King?

I presented this lecture at several international congresses in the USA, Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand and Australia.  I havc divided it into two main parts.

Part 1:

In this part I discuss the role of the sales force in promoting their appliances and other developments

Part 2

This section is about the dentist/orthodontist as the salesperson.

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