October 12, 2015

Two years of the blog: 24 month braces!

Two Years of the Blog: 24 month braces!

I am now recovering from my cervical spine surgery and I have set up some automatic posts. As a result, I am continuing with the theme of revisiting posts and today I am going back to this light hearted look at recent developments in orthodontics.  This post was published almost 18 months ago and has been read almost 9,000 times. If you have read it before and think that it is interesting, can you pass it on?

A new revolution in orthodontics?

Over the past few years there have been several new innovations in orthodontics that have simply been reinventions of existing techniques and are sold as something new for the adult market.  As a result, I thought that I would take a light hearted look at Twenty Four Month braces!

24 month brace bracket
24 month brace bracket

This new orthodontic system provides a revolutionary system for the treatment of malocclusion.  It utilizes new stainless steel brackets and metal coloured wires.  The novel brackets have precise tooth positioning technology built into the slots. The arch wires are held in the bracket using a specially designed polymeric “module”. Importantly, the brackets allow precise control of the root position, particularly when used with the space technology “rectangular archwires”.

This appliance can be used to correct overjets, overbites, crowding and buccal segment relationships.

Who can be treated by twenty four months braces?

Anyone can be treated with this appliance and there are no limits with what it will do. Note the wider arches in the finish picture below!

Before 24 Month Smiles
Before 24 Month Braces

After 24 months Braces treatment
After 24 months Braces treatment

All about treatment

Extractions may be prescribed as part of the treatment, when there are indications.  There is some discomfort when the appliances are adjusted and you have to be careful what you eat.


Unlike other systems the treatment is not supervised by experts in other countries by sending them your records.   This treatment cannot be taught in one day courses based in airports, helped out by business coaches, interested advocates and flash advertising. We do not have own “University” or training centre, but you can be trained in this technique at “Dental Schools”. There are no shortcuts, training is provided by attending a three year specialty training course or gaining considerable supervised experience. This takes time, effort and hard work!

How do I sell the treatment?

You do not need to sell this type of treatment.  It is the best way to comprehensively treat malocclusion.  You need to explain this to your patients and they can then decide whether they want to have treatment or try another method that is a short-term compromise provided by people with minimal training………

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