May 24, 2017



Following the attack on the crowd at the Manchester Arena last week, it has been a hard week for those of us who live in Manchester.  I have decided that orthodontics and blogs are not important.  As a result, I have not written a blog post for next week. But please click through to my blog to find out how you can help  the victims and their families.

The Manchester Evening News has published a crowdfunding page to raise money to support the families of the killed and injured in the attack. The funds will be administered by the Red Cross.  If you are interested in donating just click here…Can you also share this as many times as you can by any social media that you use?

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  1. Happy to share this. I used to work in a children’s hospital in Manchester – Booth Hall, which I understand is closed now. Manchester had the first children’s hospital in the UK, and now has the largest. I can only presume some of my former colleagues were involved in the response to the bombing and I wish them well.

  2. Good call Kevin. After all, we (dentists) are in the “quality of
    life ” business and when our mere existence is threatened, we need to take a breath and look at the big picture.

  3. Great job Kevin✌

  4. Kevin, lots of folks here in VA and across the US are praying for all of Manchester and beyond. we will post on office FB. keep the faith. best, bill dabney

  5. Our sympathy and thoughts are with you during these dark times

  6. We all stand with you In grief, in shock and in sorrow but united we all stand against the insanity that we all face too often
    Thank you Kevin for all that you stand for

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