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My top 5 orthodontic promotional videos to make you laugh or cry?

By on November 26, 2018 in Recent posts with 25 Comments
My top 5 orthodontic promotional videos to make you laugh or cry?

I have decided to continue with my theme of favourite things. Here are my top 5 orthodontic sales videos to make you laugh or cry.  I think that they are interesting because it is hard to identify where the unfounded claims start or stop.

I have not put them in any particular order of merit. But I will mention my favourites.

Invisalign Mandibular Advancement.

This one is about the new Invisalign Mandibular Advancement device. We know that there is absolutely no evidence that this device works.  But the video does not agree.  It shows a nice cartoon of a Class II Division 1 malocclusion being treated in a lovely orthodontic nirvana.


A list like this would not be complete without something from our old friends at Fastbraces. This stars Tony Kilcoyne a UK dentist who promotes this system in the UK.  The best bit is when he highlights the 3D movement of Fastbraces, because no other brace does this.


This is from Myofunctional Research Company in Australia.  It is a video interview of the founder Chris Farrell. In their promotional video, Dr Farrell says very little and when he was asked about research he just mumbled about some references. I have asked them for the reference but it will take time for them to find them and I should get them next week… Essentially, he is talking about childhood sleep disorders, myofunctional treatment and other fringe orthodontics. You may need to unmute the video and the button is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Henry Schein Carriere

I posted this one a few weeks ago and I still think that it is brilliant.  This is supposed to be a casual discussion of the benefits of the Carriere motion appliance. No orthodontic appliance seems to do more, it even makes practice management easy and improves morale.  It is a bit long but it is worth it for all the serious faces and deep discussion.

Orthotropics Mike Mew

Finally, we finish with orthotropics and Mike and John Mew.  I wanted to post the video in which Mike discusses the face of Mark Zuckerberg and points out that he may get sleep apnoea and die early. But he has taken this one down? However, I came across this one about “how to get a great jawline”. Interestingly, this has been watched 370,000 times which must have a massive social media influence.

Thats the list. I will be back to research discussions next week. Some comments would be great!

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There Are 25 Comments

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  1. I think these Invisalign videos are very good. Too bad the teeth do not know it and do not move as it is in the script.

  2. Awab says:

    You always give us a very interesed and informative discussions and without your reviews we may not be able to face those key opinion leaders speakers
    Keep on

  3. Carolyn Vincent says:

    “All the dental nurses working with me,over a period of time, became better looking”
    ???????? That has made my day!

  4. I think the Invisalign Advancement device might be short of evidence because it’s relatively new but essentially it’s very similar idea to a twin block in so far as you move your mandible forward to stay in occlusion.

    It has the advantages of being less bulky and visible, and the compliance may be better, but time will tell.

    There are a variety of problems that the Invisalign company will be using practitioners and patients to iron out for them (in other words, we’ll be paying them to beta test it for them) but if it can work as well as a twin block- and I can’t see why it wouldn’t – then it’s likely to only be a matter of time.

    Stephen Murray
    Swords Orthodontics

    • For the record, the mandibular advancement appliance has been used in more than 17,000 patients worldwide, and has been studied in a prospective IDE multi-center study in North America, the data from this study was submitted to the FDA as part of the approval process for use in the US.It was also studies in a limited market release in Europe and Asia. As a result of this testing, there has been continual refinement and improvement to the appliance design as well as clinical protocols. Many of the issues have already been ironed out through these studies so you won’t have to pay Align to beta test.

      • Kevin O'Brien says:

        Thanks for the update. I still stand by what I said until I see the paper on the results of this appliance. FDA approval does not mean that it is effective. For example, AcceleDent got FDA approval. Can you let me have a reference to the refereed paper when it is published, or maybe you have some early results that we could discuss?

      • My apologies in that case, maybe beta testing isn’t the correct term, but I would expect that when the patients go to refinement the movements that were and weren’t expressed as expected are noted and eventually fed back into the algorithms that drive future clinchecks.

        I attended some very early presentations on Invisalign MAF – before it was approved in the US. It didn’t give me the impression of something that had been used on 17,000 patients at that stage. We still seem to be at the stage where people are sharing tips on the best way to keep them in, or augment them with elastics, or decide on the best size for the wings or the best sequence.

        And that’s a phenomenal amount of people for something that’s only on the go a couple of years.

        Can you give us an idea of how many patients were treated by it month by month – and where – since it went online?

  5. Gerry Samson says:

    “What could permitting some prophet of doom
    To wipe every smile away
    Life is a cabaret, old chum
    So come to the cabaret” from “Ca6baret”, 196

  6. Barry Glaser says:

    Dear Kevin,
    Disclosure–Align KOL here. I also am involved with the ongoing Align study on the mandibular advancement appliance. First, I very much appreciate all you do for our profession. With regards to the mandibular advancement appliance and your statement, ” We know there is absolutely no evidence that this device works.” This appliance has been undergoing testing in a prospective, multi-center clinical trial for the past 4 years. Data from this study was critical to receiving approval from the FDA for use in the United States, and if I am not mistaken, you are aware of the FDA approval. My question for you is this–Does the presence of as of yet unpublished data equal “absolutely no evidence?”

  7. andy pearson says:

    I would recommend the recently published book “belief” by james alcock as a fantastic primer on why we believe stuff generally and weird stuff in particular. The vids by Mike Mew are particularly disturbing (although I lost the will by the third one). Does he think that Jude Law has been doing exercises to improve his inner and outer U? Why pick on Jude Law anyway? Also I hope he has permission to use the attempted suicide case pictures. His whole “lecture” is full of uncorroborated feelings and opinion.
    As radiohead said in There There “Just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there”, we should all take note of that.

    • A lot of women I know are mad for Jude Law – he’s probably a good example for a handsome dude. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s facial orthotropics. Maybe he was doing this postural activity unaware he was going to appear in a video about it years later, but clearly it’s working for him.

  8. Could I suggest one more video where John Flatter (a myofunctionalist from Australia) sealed Russian dentists their mouths and made them dance: You once wrote in your blog that you are uncertain on how Myobrace providers get their qualifications. Now you know…

  9. Fast Braces
    I have read a few comments by Tony Kilcoyne over the years, but that’s the first time I saw him on video. I always imagined he’d have an Irish accent.

    Anyway, a page full of disclaimer comes up the end of the video and mentions the company Orthoworld LLC. I looked them up on google and this came up:

    Some of the reviews with less stars are longer and funnier than the 5 star ones.

  10. To be fair to Tony Kilcoyne – Fast braces does attempt to control forces in all planes from the start. Most orthodontists that I know start in round wire and move up to get to wire with corners, so there’s no torque control from the start.

    There is force and movement in 3 dimensions, but some of that – mostly the transverse – is just a result of the difference between the archform of the wire V the archform of the teeth and could be very variable, but certainly there’s no torque control for months.

    Whether it’s clinically significant or not, I’d defer to better minds than mine.

    Of which, there are many.

  11. Tony Weir says:

    Re Invisalign MA: Original corporate marketing stated “no more functional appliances, no more elastics”. Now the new “protocols” include the likely need for vertical elastics at night through treatment and Class II elastics, at least at the beginning….oh and it is not a functional appliance….. Australia was one of the crash test dummy sites so it could be made “safe” for eg US market. The truth of those trials will not be made public. Not saying whether it works or not, but commenting on marketing and corporate manipulation of patient treatment and the data they offer up.

  12. James Hetfield says:

    FDA approval? What does that have to do with the device working? This is such a blatant misrepresentation of the FDA process. Acceledent is also FDA approved and we know how that story ends. There is as of yet unpublished data supporting the flat earth theory…how does one deal with that?

  13. J H Lohner says:

    PT Barnum, said it best, and he didn’t go broke . “ there’s a sucker born every day”

  14. Chuck Schuldiner says:

    There is zero benefit to “torque control” in the aligning and leveling stages. If fact, it can hinder correction of rotations etc. If the goal is to prevent proclination, segmented arch mechanics are always an option.The results from fastbraces that we have seen have been atrociously bad. Teeth pushed out of the alveolus.

  15. These videos represent the homeopathy of orthodontics .The level of science and understanding of modern study design is pitiable.As an FYI re Dr Kilcoyne re “fastbraces “(sic ).Placing an early square or rectangular wire in a psl bracket has exactly the same force vectors as the magic bracket in “fastbraces “.This particular video is full of terminological inexactitude .Advocates of a particular gizmo need to understand what Cochrane is all about ,for a start,
    Sorry to be so vituperative but to answer Kevin’s question ~I am crying !!!
    PS ~generally the limiting factors relating speed of treatment are compliance and biology ie.the basic cell biology of tooth movement we all studied yrs ago !!

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