September 03, 2020

Here are some new orthodontic social media sites!

I regularly provide an update on orthodontic social media sites. Traditionally, these are Facebook or practice websites. However, I have recently come across several great new sites that contain podcasts and videos.  Here is the list.

Peter Miles YouTube Videos

Peter is a well-known specialist orthodontist who works in Queensland. He has set up this great YouTube site that contains videos on important issues such as breathing and accelerated orthodontics. They are directed at patients and I think that they are a great resource for anyone wanting a clear explanation of orthodontic controversies and treatment.  This is the link:

Clear Choice Orthodontics

That Dental Podcast: Off the cusp

This site is simply great. It is a series of gentle podcasts that deal with a variety of contemporary issues.  It is run by Guy Deeming, an orthodontist and David Bretton a dentist. They discuss matters from Invisalign, mentoring, prejudice and Black Lives Matter. I think that this is simply brilliant.  Here is their information and the link to their site.

“What happens when you give a dentist and an orthodontist, who have just met, a microphone, and the idea of recording a podcast? Wonder no more as That Dental Podcast: Off the Cusp is here. Now you can listen to dentistry’s newest virtual partnership chat dentistry, orthodontics, life, and most things in-between”.

The Dental Podcast.

Orthodontics in Summary

I really enjoy listening to this site. This is run by Farooq Ahmed.  Farooq is an orthodontist who summarises research evidence and also interviews other orthodontists.  These are gentle short discussions that I found fascinating.  I would like to declare an interest; I have been interviewed. Other people that he has talked to are Simon Littlewood, Jay Bowman and Mark Wertheimer.

“Orthodontics in Summary began on the 3rd of May 2020. With the simple aim of connecting the orthodontic community to ideas, concepts and knowledge from different outlets and resources”.

Here is the link:

Orthodontics in Summary

Finally, here is a piece of shameless self-promotion…

Kevin O’Brien’s Orthodontic Blog YouTube Channel

To be honest, I think that this is a bit amateurish compared to the other new orthodontic social media sites. However, I am working on improvements. This site contains some of the seminars and lectures that I did during the COVID lockdown.  They are raw and direct captures from Zoom, but these seminars were popular. I discuss contemporary and classic papers. I have also included some lectures and I am in the process of uploading all my lectures, as I have decided to stop presenting at conferences.

Here is the link:

Kevin O’Brien’s Orthodontic Blog YouTube Channel

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  1. Thank you Kevin for the post and the kind words of my podcast Orthodontics in Summary.

    I do think your blog and the resources you mention offer a valuable resource for those interested in orthodontics to stay contemporary and receive balanced opinions

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