January 02, 2017

A New Year’s orthodontic blog of hopes and dreams…

A New Year’s orthodontic blog of hopes and dreams…

Just over three years ago, I got bored and decided to write this orthodontic blog. It has now turned into an important part of my work and I am having to devote a reasonable amount of time to it.  This new post is about what I am hoping to do with this orthodontic blog over the next year.

Increase readers

Last year 176,000 visitors read this blog 345,000 times. The figures for the year before were 187,000 reads by 86,000 visitors. This represents an increase of 45%.  People all over the world read my posts, but most readers were from the USA, UK and Australia.  I am setting a target of increasing the number of hits by 100,000 for next year.

So, how am I going to do this?  Firstly, I have decided to retire from clinical work from the start of February. While I am sad at the thought of not treating patients any longer, it is time for me to stop.  The good news is that this will free up more of time for other things, such as research and the blog.  My plans to use my additional time are going to involve the following:

Translated posts

I would like my posts to be read in more countries. I have asked for volunteers to help translate my posts.  We now have people who are willing to translate the posts into Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, to the existing translation into Portuguese.  This will be a major undertaking and I hope that this works well. I am still looking for volunteers for other languages.


I will also be working on an app for the blog.  While I have managed to write this site myself, the world of Apps is beyond my computer skills. So it will take sometime to do this. I may speed this up by seeking professional help.  However, this will cost money, so I will have to make a charge for the app, maybe £3.00.


I will still post every week and discuss current research papers along with opinion pieces to “liven things up”. I hope to continue to challenge the claims made by advertisers, other snake oil salesman and paid Key Opinion Leaders.  Furthermore, I may also ask the specialist societies to step out of their comfort zones and make similar challenges. So things could get lively!

I am aware that I have concentrated my posts on clinical trials, I will continue to do this. However, I will maintain, what I hope is a healthy and fair level of constructive criticism. Over the last couple of years, I have set out not to discuss retrospective studies, but I will now include some of these, so that I can draw attention to both the good and the not so good aspects of these publications.

I shall also aim to use this blog to inform all members of the dental workforce about orthodontics. I fear that there is currently a divide between the specialists and the general practitioners. This is not healthy or useful to anyone.  I think that the key to closing this gap is through education and I want to try to increase my profile in the general practitioner area.

Finally, I will open up my blog by including guest posts.  I will start work on this by contacting a few friends and colleagues to ask if they are interested in making a contribution.  If this goes well, I will invite guest posts from anyone who wants to submit their work.

That’s about it for my orthodontic blog “hopes and dreams” for this year. The first proper post will be up later this week. I have a readership target to beat!


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  1. Happy New Year, I look forward to your continuing blog and the discussions it promotes. Thanks for continuing to devote time to it. I think it provides a great service offering practitioners the opportunity to update their knowledge with guidance from a respected academic clinician with practical input. Thanks again.

  2. It’s half accomplished already if it’s well planned!!!! My mentor says this always.
    I am sure your target of readership is attainable based on your informative writing and summaries. I am from third world: NEPAL, still I don’t miss a single blog. So I can imagine your readers are from every corner of this world.
    Keep this good work going on.
    Even if you develop App for your blog, please do not stop posting on webpage too.

    Millions of best wishes from Himalaya:
    Dr. Dashrath Kafle
    Assistant Prof . Kathmandu University

  3. Congratulations on the well-deserved success of your highly relevant blog!

  4. Carry on the good work Kevin! The blogs are a great way for those of us no longer active in orthodontics to stay in touch with developments and controversies!

  5. Hello, happy new year. Here in Morocco we are a few to read your blogs hoping for a translation in French. A brilliant orthodontist could be useful to you regarding French translation and it is among your readers: Dr ali ouazzani
    Best regard

  6. Hello Kevin, glad you will proceed working for this Bolog! Happy New Year

  7. Hello Kevin

    Congratulations on the success of your blog – I haven’t missed an edition! I think you’ve tapped the collective consciousness of orthodontists all over the world with your very approachable & scientifically based comment on many of the controversies faced in clinical practice. You’ve done this in a very contemporary sense that has been very well timed and particularly well-executed – I am so pleased to hear it is continuing as I can only imagine the time commitment involved. Though I live and practise in Australia I am currently reading this in Morocco – you certainly have s global reach!

    Many thanks again & may I wish you & yours a very happy and peaceful New Year.


    Tony Shields

  8. Happy New Year Kevin, Everyone here in Colorado sends our best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. I much appreciate you work and commitment to our profession. I wish you and everyone a healthy and happy 2017 and I look forward to keeping in touch. DgS

  9. Hello Boss
    Happy new year full of health and nice thing , I really admire and remember you great guidance and hard work to teach us . Carry on the good work of spreading knowledge all over the world you are international figure as the best thing is sharing your knowledge with other finally I really miss you as others @ man

  10. Happy new year !
    Keep up the great work!

    Your blog is the best and I can’t miss anyone.

    I am from Yemen ! Arab world.
    Amal Alkebsi

  11. Hi prof O’Brien.
    All the best for you in your blog although I feel sad for patients who may miss you in clinic! I am from Syria the only arabic country who teach medicine and dentistry in Arabic language! I’m in the UK currently and working on clinical trial on children with Class II malocclusion as part from PHD program and I’m very happy to voluntarily translate your fantastic blog to Arabic.
    Best wishes for you in the new year year
    Moaiad Pacha

  12. Great Blog Kevin, you are a gifted clinical scientist and communicator. Your goodness is of high value and overcomes ignorance and wrongdoing in our world. My hope is to find a way to preach to the *unconverted* – to people who value money in their bank account today more than the long term outcomes of their patients.

  13. Congratulations for your blog. Your comments always make me think.

  14. Congratulations on your excellent blog and good luck with your 2017 targets Kevin! Your sterling efforts are well appreciated. Happy new year.

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